our mission

We believe that sincere personal attention is the ultimate luxury, but a luxury that can still be affordable by surprising guests time and again with creative yet simple experiences.
How? By working with proud employees who are keen to work with us and for us. These are our heroes: proud employees who help us to share our concepts and values. We make sure the management stays in close touch with the operational side to support our heroes. We also do that by staying true to our principles: we’re friendly, decent, attentive, hospitable, and enterprising.

What we do: we develop and fulfil hospitality concepts. Anyone who embraces those principles can work with us. We train people and give them the chance to continue growing in our company. In our concepts, we work with local specialists to strengthen our links. In that way we can do what we’re good at.
In three years, our aim is to have further developed our good name and reputation. Affordable, well-managed, and distinctive hotel concepts both here in Maastricht and in Amsterdam. And if we spot opportunities elsewhere, we’ll approach them in an entrepreneurial way. We want our hotel operations to be run increasingly by our heroes. We aim to score an average of 8½ out of 10 with our customers in everything we do. With our Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC concept, we want to learn something different: how to manage an innovative and renewing hotel concept ‘remotely’.

That’s important, because we want to continue building on a healthy business. The market is changing and we’re seeing people copying our concepts. We therefore want to stay creative and innovative, renewing and enterprising. We like that and we’re good at it. We also want to stay focused on those things that energize us and arouse our passion.
We’re proud of where we are now and what we’ve achieved together. We’re proud of our heroes.
Our principles (values) are actually very simple:
(1) We like surprising people.
(2) We help each other to get the best out of ourselves.
(3) We believe in creative simplicity to offer hospitality in an affordable and unorthodox way.
(4) We’re honest in everything we do.
(5) The key to a successful business lies in our people. Everyone can make a difference if he or she wants to.

Our standards are based on firm behavioural commitments we give each other. Those standards are underpinned by our values and principles.